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AM Products Inc. is a US company established in Florida since 1988. We created the trade mark Electrodepot for many of our products, and we supply quality engineered products for industrial processes, control systems, and parts for commercial and home applications.

In AM products we have over 30 years of experience in energy management including the manufacturing and distribution of equipment for building and facility Automation. In addition, we develop wireless control for data acquisition, lighting, pump and motor controls, including long range and Bi directional supervised radio controls.

At the Electrodepot Controls division we manufacture Electromagnetic Contactors used in industrial and commercial operations for lighting, power switching, motor controls, HVAC and solar systems.

At the Migro Communication product division we manufacture Wireless controls systems and components.
Our research and development team is continuously exploring new products and technologies for safer and cost effective control systems.

We strive in providing customer service assistance, applications, value and support on all the products we manufacture and distribute.



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Customer Dossier

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Security radio control
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Single channel kit
Wireless systems
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Radio control applications
RF installation components



  27 -154 MHz
300 MHz
433 MHz

Industrial Sensors
Air flow switch

Liquid flow switch
Duct humidistat

Sealed water detector
Duct air ionizer

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