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  Wireless System

Industrial wireless monitoring and control systems

937202 Control & Monitoring System
937202 Control & Monitoring System



Handheld System  Specifications

Six Channel SystemSix Channel System

Six Channel System


Wireless Budget System
 Wireless Budget System


NEW Advanced System 
 NEW Advanced System

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Remote control operation
Gas and oil pipeline alarm
Power monitoring
Perimeter protection
Solar systems monitoring
Remote I/O PLC controller
Long range target control
Avionics and Marine operation
Automatic pump control
Tank level monitoring
Long range alarm systems
Factory automation
Lighting controls
Irrigation System
Traffic Controller
Mobile operation
Wire replacement


  WARNING :  Radio control equipment is not to be used in life safety. DISCLAIMER  Radio control systems are subject to applications, environmental and atmospheric conditions,
   We are not liable of failures on miss applications, radio black outs or interruption of the transmissions.  Radio Installations shall be performed by a certified professional.
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