Wireless Controls
 Pumps, Lighting, Alarms, Monitoring

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New advanced wireless technology 


  ■ Better performance and range
■ Output control: timing, pulse, latch
 Multiple Transmitters & Receivers
  ■ Extended range FCC Certified
■ Wider Frequency band selection
Reliable fail safe transmission mode

Industrial remotes, Pump control
Lighting control, Traffic systems, Signs
Logistics, Packing and mobile system
Water management, Alarms, Sirens
Multipoint Analog and Digital control
Remote tank level operation 
Generators,  Remote relay
Solar controls, Annunciator
Perimeter monitor, Park lights
Marina signal and notification lights
Irrigation control, Flood management
Wire replacement


Wi-Fi long Range Wireless Control  Systems


Extended Range Radio Modules

 Wireless w Handheld



      Warning: Radio control equipment in not to be used in life safety.        Self Sustained Repeaters    Dealer Wireless Guide    inalambricos


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