Wireless Controls and Automation


Timers and special relays  
934160 Multi function timer
Timer Selectable  functions
Time delay
0.1s  to 10 days
Base w Plug-in and DIN
12,24 VDC  24,110,220 VAC

934160  $99.99  

934166 Dual Digital
Two timers in One 0,01s-60 hrs
Cyclic, ON-OFF, Delay,
Multifunction, interval, etc
12,24 VDC  24,110,220 VAC

934166  $99.99

934135 Multi function timer
Electronic  timer   DIN mount 
Time from
0.1s  to 10 days
SPDT relay 10A N.O. and N.C
12,24 VDC  24,110,220 VAC

  934135   $99.99 

934110  7 Day 24 Hour Timer
  DIN rail  110VAC or  12VDC
Relay SPDT 16A, 250V Pilot Duty
  16 time schedules  Manual
3 Year Battery backup
Dim: 3.5H, 1.5W, 2.7D inches

  934110  110VAC $39.99 

  934012   12VDC $39.99 


Dial Multifunction Timer

Real-time Clock
Singe and Two Circuit
Daylight saving
 120/208/240/277 V
Four  Channel  Timer
24Hrs, or Weekly, Days, Year
BAS ready, 4 Outputs 10A
 12, 24VDC, or 110,220VAC
934112  7 Day 24 Hour Timer
  DIN rail or panel 110VAC

Relay SPST 25A, 250V Pilot Duty
  16 time schedules   Manual
3 Year AA Battery backup

Dim: 4.7H, 2.7W, 2.0D inches

  934112   $39.99 


TWO wire mechanical latching relay

934235   2 Channel
TWO circuit Toggle  - Latching
12,/24 VDC,  120/240 VAC

Special Function Relays

Two (2) Channel Timer

Panel Mount version 930365
365 days, Weekly, Days
  2 Relay outputs 10A
Daylight saving, 10 Holidays
12, 24VAC/DC

Plug-in Digital Timer
15 AMP, 120VAC   Two Outlets
Daylight Saving set

2 Channel Timer

General purpose Relays


H3CA-A Timer Multi function Digital

0.1 Sec. to 9990 hrs   ON-delay, Repeat cycle, 
Interval/OFF-delay, Multifunction 24V-240VAC


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