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Timers and special relays  

Multi function timer
Multi Voltage Industrial
Timer Selectable  functions
Time delay
0.1s  to 10 days
Plug-in and DIN
Dual Digital / Display
Two timers in One 0,01s-60 hrs
Cyclic, ON-OFF, Delay,
Multifunction, interval
12,24 VDC  24,110,220 VAC
Multi function timer
electronic  timer   DIN mount 
Time from
0.1s  to 10 days
SPDT relay 10A N.O. and N.C
12,24 VDC  24,110,220 VAC
Digital LCD Timer
0.1 Sec. to 9990 hrs   
ON-delay, Repeat cycle, 
Multifunction 24V-240VAC
Two (2) Channel Time Clock
365 days, Weekly, Days
  2 Relay outputs 10A
Daylight saving
12, 24VAC/DC
Real-time Clock
Daylight saving
 120/208/240/277 V

Two Channel Timer
365 days, or Weekly, Days
Override, BAS ready
4 inputs, 2 outputs 10A
12, 24VDC, or 110,220VAC
Four  Channel  Timer
24Hrs, or Weekly, Days, Year
BAS ready, 4 Outputs 10A
 12, 24VDC, or 110,220VAC

Special Function Relays

934235   2 Channel
TWO circuit Toggle  - Latch
12,/24 VDC,  120/240 VAC

ELC12  365 Days, 24Hr
2, 4 or 6 Chanels
Programmable Time Clock
  10A 3 Pole, 208,277,480VAC

Dial Timers

Plug-in Digital Timer
15 AMP, 120VAC   Two Outlets
Daylight Saving set

Silent  Solid State Contactor 
 120 / 208/ 240/ 277VAC
  5-32VDC- Coil, with LED

from 25 to 100A

General purpose Relays

Latch Relay


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