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Unlimited applications,  Long range 
Two (2) channel  supervised wireless control system




Transmission Mode Special Options Available: 

 ■  Continuous (1)
  Off  Delay Timing
  Pulse Output
  Latching for each channel

 ■ Fail Safe sequence module
 ■ Battery Backup module
 ■ Low Battery Alarm
 ■ High, Low Status level indicator lamp
 ■ Automatic Start/Stop module

 (1)  Continuous operation
maximum 5 minutes by FCC

   3 Miles ( 5 km )     Application dossier
  Optional extended range up to10 Miles (16Km)


  Specifications  937212
Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
Operating Temperature: -4 to +140 F (-20 to +60 C)
Number of Codes: 4096 codes, factory preset 16 BIT Digital
Compliance: FCC CFR part 15.247,  95 sub E
Transmission Power per FCC Part 15.249,  50mV/m @ 3m
Carrier Frequency 154MHz, industrial ISM band Free
Current Transmitter Standby 10 mA, transmitting 900mA  pulse
Current  Receiver Standby120 mA, operation, 500mA
Data Input TX CH 1, 2  Dry contact   N/O  Normally Open
Relay Output 1  SPDT 5Amp max, 240V max  Class 2 pilot duty
Antenna Impedance 50 Ohms  
Dimensions: 18"H x 16"W x 8"D (460 x 400 x 200 mm)
Weight 8 lb. (4.4 Kg) each
Enclosure NEMA4 IP65 Fiber,  wall or pole mount
MIL-STD 461E for Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI)
Circuit board Compliance with UL796 and UL 94
Transmitter & Receiver easy to install components:

937212W  One  Base Transmitter Two dry contact input  
937212R   One  Base Receiver Relay output SPDT
Two Omni Antennas 931487 with 12ft coaxial cable 
NEMA 4 Fiber enclosure for wall or pole mount
Instructions & wiring diagram

937212T: Solar transmitter NEMA4 Fiber enclosure 16x14x8 inches,
One 50W, 12V solar panel with, charge controller
Enclosure with space for 100Ah battery, (battery NOT Included)
*Matched Factory Set,  No Field programming required


  Special order   Please Request latest price

DISCLAIMER:  Radio control equipment in not to be used in life safety.
Radio control systems are subject to applications, environmental and atmospheric conditions,
We are not liable of failures on miss applications, radio black outs or interruption of the transmissions. 
Radio Installations shall be performed by a certified professional.

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