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    Handheld Medium Range Remote Digital    2 Channels Handheld Transmitter  
Model: 937202



  • Configurable as stationary transmitters.
  • Up to two miles of line-of-sight range.
  • configurable as 2-button panic transmitters.
  • configurable as 2-channel continuous output transmitter
  • Includes belt clip.
  • Powered by two 9V batteries (supplied)
  • Up to 2 Miles of Line-of-Sight Range,  65,536 Codes
 Operating Temperature: -4 to +140 F (-20 to +60 C)
 Operating Frequency: 27.255 MHz
 Bandwidth: 6 KHz
 Number of Codes: 65,536
 Code Setting Method: DIP switch programming
 Dimensions : 2.5in W x 5.5 in H x 1.30in D,  Antenna 7in
  RF Output Power: 2 Watts 
  Loop Response Time: 500 msec

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.Warning: Radio control equipment in not to be used in life safety.
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