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    Electronic latch control  12,  24 VDC  
Model: 934759

4135 AC/DC   $89.99



  TWO Circuit Latching module

12/24VDC  $99.99  

120/240VAC $129.99

  Momentary-to-Toggle (Bi-Stable) Switching Converter
The LATCH module is an auxiliary device designed to allow easy and reliable arming/disarming momentary, two wire start stop circuit, or with hand-held wireless remote controls. It may be looked upon as an easy-to-use, cost-effective "momentary-to-toggle (bi-stable)" switching converter.
Momentary closure of the terminals  A1 and S will latch the relay. ON
A subsequent momentary closure  will unlatch the relay OFF
Reset the Toggle relay by removing power from terminal A1 or A2
Note: The LATCH module is also suitable for remote control operations.
The relay provides N.O. and N.C. contacts, and can therefore be used with a wide variety of control applications.
  • The LATCH relay provides N.O. and N.C. outputs.
  • Operating power - 12 VDC 24 VAC/DC 10%.
  • Current drain - less than 1mA (unlatched), 60 mA (latched).
  • Relays switching capability 15A /  250VAC.
  • Auto reset by power removal
  • DIN rail mount 
  • Power ON and Latched indicator

Plug-in  version
  934235  Two Circuits Latch/Toggle Relay DIN  
Two separate Latch -Toggle circuits in one unit

Momentary closure of terminal  S1  will latch the relay. Q1 ON
A subsequent momentary closure S1 will unlatch the relay Q1 OFF

Momentary closure of terminal  S2  will latch the relay. Q2 ON
A subsequent momentary closure S2 will unlatch the relay Q2 OFF

Momentary closure of terminal  I4  will reset both relays  OFF
Auto reset on power loss

Drive contactors, relays for lighting control, remote control,
 automation, two wire pulse control ON/OFF

  • The LATCH relay provides N.O. outputs.
  • Operating power selection: 12 /24 VDC or 120/240 VAC
  • Current drain - less than 10mA (unlatched), 60 mA (latched).
  • Relays switching capability 10A /  250VAC.
  • 2 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches  ( 48 x 64 x 90 mm) 
  • Power ON  indicator
  • DIN rail mount
  • Function (I4) Reset All (included)





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