Industrial Wireless Control Systems



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Long range radio control

10 Miles (16Km) line of sight

Radio control applications

Pump control, Lighting, Process, Security
Wire and cabling replacement

Radio control selection


Electromagnetic, Solid State
Normally Closed, Lighting

Automation & PLC

 Process, Monitoring & control
Packing, Conveyors, & Alarms

Timers & Relays

Digital & analog, Time relays
Multifunction, OFF, ON delay

Flow   Humidity   Pressure


General purpose radio control  

Portable remotes, security sensors
Alarm & multichannel radios


Timers & Time clocks

Medium range radio control

Security radio control

PIR Motion detector

Heavy duty wireless control

Single channel kit

300 MHz antennas

433 MHz antennas

27 MHz antennas

All weather radio controls

Bi-directional radio systems

Solar power kits

RF installation components

Radio control applications

NEMA1 27MHz components

PC board 27MHz components

Pump Command Center

Migro PLC controller

DIN Power supply

Pump wireless control



4 Channel Timer

Command Radio Control

PLC Program Examples

Air flow switch

Liquid flow switch

Humidifier and dehumidifier

Duct humidistat

Small sealed water detector

Differential pressure switch

Differential air pressure switch

Pressure switches

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